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How to find a word, words, or a sentence in a Pdf First you need to download the Pdf or the Pdf’s on your computer. Once you have clicked on a Pdf title, after a while, you will see the Pdf opening. Download-speed depends on your internet speed and your computer. If the Pdf is downloaded and you see it open, save it on your computer in a new folder that you made for it. You can download as many Pdf’s as you want and save them in that a folder. If you downloaded all of them in one folder, then you can also look for a word or more in all that Pdf’s at once. To start a search, you have two possibilities: 1. Searching in one Pdf. Open the Pdf, on the top you have a menu, click on “Edit” and select “Find” for a word in this Pdf. Click on next to see the next place in that Pdf. 1. Searching in one or more Pdf’s. Open one Pdf, click on “Edit”, go to “Advanced search” A window will open. Make your choice “current document” or “All Pdf documents in” If you made the choice “All documents in”, click on the arrow right on the bar below it. There you can look for the place on your computer where you have the Pdf-Folder. If you don’t see the folder click on “Browse for location” and find the folder on your computer, then click on it once. This is the place where the search will be done. Below the definition of the place you can fill in the word, words or even a sentence that you look for in all of the Pdf’s. Below that you can select the format for the search if needed. Click on “Search” button below, another window will open. If you see a Security Warning pop up, click on “Allow” At this point, the computer will do the search, if your word(s) are found in one or more of the Pdf’s you will see the Pdf(‘s) in the “Results:” Near the found results, you see a “+” on the left side, click on it to see all the places in that Pdf where the text is found. You will see part of the sentence where it is located. Click on the sentence you want, the Pdf will open automatic and on the page where the word or sentence is located. Enjoy.
How to find a word, words, or a sentence in a Pdf